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Road Trip Spring 2021 Laguna Beach

  Do you like ocean? Yes, I am. I used to live in Hawaii for 12 years. So I love to touch the water and listening the sound of wave.   We stopped at Laguna beach during this trip. I was so happy to see the ocean🌊     Laguna beach is more American atmosphere and ocean color is different from Hawaii's beach.     I went to the nice restaurant, finding nice restaurant is one of FUN thing during the trip.   SAPPHIRE is located one of the most historically significant pieces of commercial land in Laguna beach.          

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Road trip 2021 spring Los Angels

I went to the road trip for 11 days. Our first destination was Los Angels. It was very first time to visit big city after I move do Mount Shasta. I was SO excited!!   I love take photos on the street, because I could feel the energy of the town and people who live there.     I walked around historical area down town in LA.     I really love these kinds of architecture. I felt the history from the buildings.     So walking down town Los Angels was very fun but I had one problem. It was really difficult to find the rest room💦 I didn't know they don't have the rest room all the time...

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